Beach Engagement at Wreck Beach Vancouver

Best thing about fall besides the gorgeous leaves and cooler air? Pink sunsets baby! There’s nothing quite better than getting those stunning pink hues at the end of a session, and this engagement at Wreck Beach didn’t disappoint. Camille and Chase showed up with gifts of beer (literally melted my heart) and we spent the evening walking along the beach, it was a pretty great night to say the least! These two get married this month and I couldn’t be more stoked for them! Also, if your looking for some new gorgeous branding Camille’s work for her company Soul Coast Creative is insane! Definitely go and check her out.

Wreck Beach is incredible. Seriously stunning views, though I do have to warn you that its a nude beach! So before you choose this location make sure you’re comfortable with the occasional naked person walking by you. Camille, Chase and I chose to go at sunset, but in the future I will definitely be recommending sunrise to my couples! Wreck beach can be very busy with nice weather, so sunrise would be ideal for an empty beach! Of course I’ll grab us coffee on the way, and we can spend the morning with the place all to ourselves. OR, I do know a few other sandy beaches if Wreck Beach doesn’t sound like your thing. I’ll send you my location guide and we can find the perfect place for you together!


September 10, 2021

Keely Boehnke

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