Campbell Valley Meadow Engagement Session

I had been dying to do golden hour in a meadow and Rebeka and Jonah made that dream come true! It always such an honour when other photographers and videographers allow me to capture them, especially when they happen to be as insanely talented as these two are! The ironic thing about wedding photographers is that when it comes to be our turn to be in front of the camera, we don’t know what to do! Even though our job is to direct and guide our couples in front of the camera. But these two made the whole thing look so natural and easy! I love it when my couples feel comfortable enough to forget about the camera and instead just act like its one big date night together (plus the third wheel, ahem, me). Thats always my goal for every session I do, for my couples to feel like everything is natural, and all they need to focus on is their partner.

Flower fields can be hard to find in Vancouver. Most of the time to find those natural looking meadows you have to hike a few hours up a mountain somewhere, so when I came across Campbell Valley Park it was seriously heaven. Yes it’s a hell of a drive if you don’t live near Langley, but the occasional trips I’ve taken out there are always worth it. Everything from dreamy golden light, to tall grass meadows and fields has pretty much every photographer drooling. It’s almost guaranteed you’ll see at least three photographers running around the park at all times! Good thing I know a few hidden and private spots to take my couples to!

Don’t want to drive out to Langley? Don’t worry! I’ve got plenty of options when it comes to meadows, but if your down for the drive, I am too!!

August 12, 2021

Keely Boehnke

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