Cliffside West Coast Elopement at Light House Park

July 28, 2021

Oh man where to begin… Alex and Chris had rescheduled their wedding four times due to the pandemic before they finally decided to elope seaside at Lighthouse Park. In the end they opted for something that felt more true to who their are for their ceremony, and decided to celebrate with all their ‘would’ve been” guests back home in Ontario later in the summer. The evening started off with a little hike through the forest to get to the cliff spot they had picked out the week before, where we met Lex, Alex’s reiki master, who started the ceremony by making sure the atmosphere was full of love and light. Following were the private vows, ring exchange, and their first dance to country music. Safe to say, that their evening was %100 true to them and their love.

Now if your looking for that “let’s get married on the side of a cliff” kind of vibe for your elopement (and your not down to road trip to Yosemite) Lighthouse Park is a great local option! Due to some new regulations however, couples are no longer allowed to be legally wed in the park, but it’s still a great location for private vows and bridal portraits, or even just engagement photos. If your still looking for a cliff location I just happen to know a few locally on the Sea to Sky. I always love helping my couples find their ideal location, whether it be for engagement photos or their elopement, I happen to spend %60 of my time location scouting! I take a great deal of intentionality when it comes to choosing your spot, I want to make sure that your getting the BEST of what you are looking for and no drive is too long for it! Fun fact, I also double as a event planner/ location scouter for all my couples.

Need help choosing a location? Head to my contact and form and let’s start planning!

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