Couples Session at Local Mountain Top

I’ve known these two for a while now (shay and I went to preschool together) and my God I can never stop obsessing over the photos that happen when we are together! These two are ALWAYS down for an adventure, and they recently just adopted their new puppy Koa, who I’m happy to say joined the session! Shay and Harris were looking for something a little more adventure based so we drove to a lone mountain road that had some amazing alpine meadow spots along the way. I absolutely love it when my couples are just down to have a good time and goof off! I didn’t have to instruct or pose these two once! They were more than happy to sit on top of their rad jeep, drink their favourite beer, and run along the mountain road. They totally just made it their own, and we legit had the best time.

Cypress Mountain is kinda of a secret paradise when it comes to photoshoots. So many hidden and unexpected gems are on this mountain! And if you know where to look (which safe to say I do know, after many hours of scouting) there are some amazing spots that you can have all to yourselves! Whether it’s that “road leading into the mountains” kinda of vibe your looking for, or a killer mountain back drop, this place is pretty versatile. Definitely one of my go to recommendations for couples looking for a mountain location. As always, I recommend going for golden hour, nothing quite beats that golden glow setting across the mountain tops. I can’t wait for more summer nights in this favourite spot of mine. If your looking for the adventure look without the gruesome hike, this is a serious go to!

July 16, 2021

Keely Boehnke

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