Engagement in the Wildflowers at Cypress Mountain

It’s been a lonnnnnng search to find these kind of wildflowers in my local area and I am so pleased to say that I finally managed to find some!! Cypress Mountain happens to be in my backyard and I honestly couldn’t believe that it had these New Zealand ish flowers poking up everywhere! Sophie and Tyson were a dream to get to know! We pretty much just ran through wildflowers until the sun set and then popped a bottle of bubbly. Pretty dreamy night hey? Golden hour is definitely the go to for all my sessions, but I can’t help but make sure we have some time for those brief moments of blue hour when we get all that gorgeous pink in the sky! Bring on all the pink sunsets!!

Cypress Mountain is almost a hidden gem when it comes to engagement locations. Seymour is usually the choice for mountain engagements but I gotta say, Cypress is one of my favourites. The wildflowers are only here for a week or two but man is it worth it! I’m also a sucker for those “on the road through the mountains” kinda vibe, and Cypress Mountain has a seriously aesthetic road. If this sounds right up your all, hit me up! I’ve got some secret spots to take you to.


August 20, 2021

Keely Boehnke

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