Garden Wedding at Shaughnessy Restaurant, Vancouver B.C

Vancouver has a lot of offers when it comes to wedding venues, but I have to say that garden party styled venues might just be my favorite. Shaughnessy Restaurant is the perfect blend of elegance and simplicity making it the prime space extremely variable when it comes to decorations and overall feel. The main space is bedecked with many windows allowing a great amount of natural light to shine through even on cloudy days! And the Van Dusen Gardens which are accessible just off the patio give the entire restaurant a feeling of grace and an inviting vibe. Overall just a beautiful place to have an intimate garden party wedding in Vancouver.

Justin and Anastasia chose to do the decorations and flowers by hand which gave their day the most homey feel. You could tell that everything was crafted with intentionality, and that the entire day was filled by very loving people and moments. They chose to start their wedding with a first look at Queen Elizabeth Park under the cherry blossoms with just their family to witness it. The rest of this brunch wedding was spent at the restaurant where they had their ceremony and ate lunch with their closest family and friends. Due to a quick change of plans for their portraits (the gardens were spontaneously unavailable) we decided to head to Spanish Banks to catch that late afternoon sun.

It always stops me in my tracks when I get to witness two best friends decide to spend their lives together. While A+J read their vows, it was undeniable the kind of bond they shared. From the cutest meet cue at a UBC party, to growing up and supporting each other through careers and life, to the day they said I do. I am so honored to have been a part of this.


May 11, 2022

Keely Boehnke

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