Intimate Adventure Elopement in Vancouver BC

Everything about this evening was jaw dropping… I mean c’mon, just LOOK at those mountains, the still water, oh and the hot couple in the middle?! Seriously though, I know I gush about all my clients but this just might be the new favourite for a while! Lyric and Jonny were amazing. Everything from their infectious love to their rad tattoos just had my heart melting. I absolutely love it when my couples are down to take off their shoes and run wild! The lake was unbelievable warm, and they both just hopped in! Guys, when it comes to planning your dream day, I am a HUGE advocate of doing what you want instead of doing what you think you should do. Wedding days are so customizable! It’s all about you two, tying the knot, and celebrating what your love feels like. If that means your eloping just you two and your dogs on a mountain somewhere and then coming home and having a huge party, then do it! The biggest day of your lives will be timeless to you, if you celebrate in a way that feels true to you.

Now let me just rave about Golden Ears Provincial Park for a minute here, I mean seriously, the views are too stunning not to rant for a hot minute. This is one of the ultimate views when it comes to mountain ranges if your not into hiking! Alouette lake is just one big beauty of a gem, sitting pretty between a long stretch of gorgeous giants. We had just enough sun left when we got here for the tops of the mountains to be all golden and glowy, leaving us with that gorgeous soft evening light. This is definitely one of my go to places when my couples ask for mountain views without the hike!

July 2, 2021

Keely Boehnke

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