Mountain Engagement Pitt Meadows, BC

Ok I could seriously gush about this amazing evening with Kirsten and Nate FOREVER but I’ll keep it simple. These two are the BOMB. First off they show up with beer (the way to my heart, swoon), and then they turn out to be the freakn coolest people ever. From mountain biking, to surfing, to riding their motorcycles together, these two are some serious cool kids. I was so stoked when they said their were bringing their sweet pup Maple, and their wicked Harley Davison Bike. I mean c’mon… how epic is that?! It always makes me unbelievably happy when couples decide to truly make their engagement session their own! These sessions should be about celebrating you two, it’s not about what everybody else wants to see. So anyways, we had the best time as you can possible tell.

Pitt Meadows may not be a secret gem, but it is seriously stunning. It’s almost a a guarantee that you’ll come across a photographer or two while walking around. It took a little bit of searching but I’ve managed to find a secret little gem in a grass meadow which I took Kirsten and Nate to. Definitely one of my favourite spots to shoot at, it makes me feel like I’m in Montana!

Beyond excited to be capturing these two’s wedding in 2023.


September 17, 2021

Keely Boehnke

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