Wedding at the Red Barn Pemberton B.C.

When I was little I always pictured a wedding at a barn as the BEST venue idea ever, and safe to say, KK and Mitch absolutely nailed the dream farm wedding! We started the day at their airbnbs up in Pemberton B.C. where the girls sipped wine getting ready, and the boys drank Neutrals while opening their gifts of bucket hats from the groom. Everyone snuck some sneaks from the airbnb windows as KK and Mitch had their first look at this cute little arch just beside the river that snakes through Pemberton. It was an incredibly genuine moment as they read they’re vows, and the boys hooted and hollered. We all drove to the Red Barn for the ceremony where Blue Violet Designs (who happens to be serious magic at event planning and designing) had set up the prettiest wooden arch and flowers for their intimate wedding. The whole night ended with a gorgeous dinner, some extremely emotive toasts, and some perfect pink sky couples portraits. *swoon*

Pemberton may just be one of the most beautiful places on the sea to sky (and thats saying something!). With everything from gorgeous fields, friendly horses, and an unbelievable mountain range, it’s pretty much the Montana of Canada. It also happens to be one of my favourite childhood adventure spots, so I have a few sneaky recommendations for those looking to elope or have an intimate wedding along the sea to sky.

Much love! xx

November 25, 2021

Keely Boehnke

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