Lighthouse Park Maternity Photos

January 31, 2023

Candid seaside maternity photos in Vancouver, on digital and film

These lighthouse park maternity photos might be my favorite session to date. Alex and Conor were looking for photos that felt real and true to them as a couple. They wanted to ignore the cliche maternity photos entirely and just focus on being present and goofing off with each other. This was literal music to my ears! We decided on lighthouse park one for the view, and two because it had special meaning to A + C. They often would come here on their days off to be out in nature and enjoy each other’s company. So we hung out by the lighthouse, took some film photos (Connor brought his film cameras too!) and watched the January sun go down. It makes my heart so incredibly full when clients become friends, A + C you two are some serious gems.

Alex happens to be a photographer herself, and was the first vancouver photographer I came across when I first started becoming one myself! Safe to say that I low key screamed when she asked me to do her maternity photos. Getting to work with such genuine kind hearted people fills me up like nothing else! It’s one of the main things I prioritize in this job, and Alex and Conor were no exception. I’m pretty sure we talked longer than we actually shot for! 

Lighthouse Park happens to be one of my favorite locations for sessions, and not just because it’s close to home. There is something about a lighthouse that just oozes romance, especially when you are there for sunset. It’s also one of the few spots in West Vancouver where you can get an unobstructed view of the sunset! We were incredibly lucky this session as there was almost no one at this spot (perks of a winter session!), though if you choose to go during warmer weather be prepared that there will be very little privacy at sunset. I’d recommend doing a weekday or a sunrise session if you want Lighthouse Park in the spring or summer!

Check out Alex’s work here! She is incredible.

Mamahood sessions are my favorite thing to document aside from weddings! I usually take on 2 a month. Inquire here to book yours!

Check out these Lighthouse Park Maternity Photos below.

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